Meet the Maker


Heyyah Guys!


The fact, that you made it to this page means so much to me!

So, yeah, that’s me!
My Name is Dunja aka Vulpes V. – I’m the person behind Vulpes Creative Arts.
After about 1,5 years of trial and error & lots of failed attempts to create a product I’m proud of, I finally dared to register a business and open this shop!

I’m currently 21 years old & live in bavaria. Additional to my hobbies that include playing Pen & Paper-Games (such as Dungeons and Dragons, Morriton Manor or Call of Cthullu) & individualizing things, I also love taking on new challenges. Luckily all of this is part of Vulpes Creative Arts!

In contrast I also switch between cozy days on my couch (playing video games or binge-watching a series) and activities like doing sports or going out.

Apart from that I study social work full time in munich.

The names “Vulpes V.” and following from this “Vulpes Creative Arts” are based on the latin name for red fox, which is “Vulpes Vulpes”.

Feel free to contact me, if you have any concerns, something is off or you have any questions about a product or commission! I’m sure we’ll find a good way to get things going!
Thank you for all your support.

Enjoy your stay!
Love, Vulpes!

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